BTS and Coldplay performed an amazing performance of “My Universe” for the first time at 2021 AMA

BTS and Coldplay completed a fantastic collaboration stage.

The stage of “My Universe” performed by BTS and Coldplay was unveiled for the first time at the 2021 American Music Awards (2021 AMA) held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on November 22nd (KST).

Host of “2021 AMACardi B introduced BTS, “This next performance is about to be huge. We have the bands who have the most fans in the world. Especially, they are performing together for the first time ever”. After that, BTS members and Coldplay scattered around the stage and enjoyed performing “My Universe”.

BTS members showed up in matching outfits with Coldplay. They appeared like rock stars in Bohemian look, running around the stage and exciting the audiences.

They rapidly turned “2021 AMA” into their own concert with a relaxed stage presence and perfect live performance like playing the audio. Not only the audience but other singers also stood up from their seats and enjoyed the collaboration stage of BTS and Coldplay.

Meanwhile, BTS is the first Asian singer to be nominated for the “Artist of the Year” award.


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