“Brother, I’m sorry”… The reason Lee Si-eon suddenly apologized to his best friend Nam Goong-min

Lee Si-eon surprised everyone as he recently left an apology in the comment section of Nam Goong-min’s new Instagram post. 

Actor Nam Goong-min tied the knot with model Jin Ah-reum at Shilla Hotel in Seoul on October 7th. Actor Jung Moon-sung hosted the wedding and TVXQ sang a congratulatory song for the couple.

Lee Si-eon Nam Goong-min

A day after the wedding, Nam Goong-min left a message on his Instagram account, saying “To many people who congratulated me, thank you so much”, adding “I will try hard to work and live happier in the future”, expressing his feelings.

He also released his wedding photo with Jin Ah-reum taken against the backdrop of the wedding hall. 

nam goong min jin ah reum

Under the post, Nam Goong-min’s close acquaintances once again congratulated the couple on their marriage. However, a comment drew attention as it was an unexpected apology. The comment was left by Lee Si-eon, who is known as a close fellow actor to Nam Goong-min.

Lee Si-eon Nam Goong-min

Lee Si-eon said, “Congratulations, big brother. I’m sorry that I couldn’t attend your wedding. I love you, brother! Please be happy”, revealing the fact that he was absent from Nam Goong-min’s special day.

Lee Si-eon Nam Goong-min

Nam Goong-min and Lee Si-eon worked together in SBS’s drama “Remember”. The two later appeared on MBC’s “I Live Alone” and showed off their friendship.

Lee Si-eon Nam Goong-min

Despite their close relationship, which has been proved through various broadcasts, Lee Si-eon seemed to have an important schedule on the same day as Nam Goong-min’s wedding.

Lee Si-eon Nam Goong-min

There have recently been rumors of conflicts between celebrities who are known as best friends because of their absence from each other’s wedding ceremony. However, Lee Si-eon seems to have quickly prevented misunderstandings by delivering his apology.

In response to Lee Si-eon’s comment, netizens jokingly reacted, “It was Lee Si-eon’s fault”, “What a sad but hilarious apology”, etc. 

Source: Insight

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