BTS RM left a heartwarming letter for fans early in the morning, “I’ve been searching for stability and comfort for so long…”

BTS RM wrote a letter and expressed his sincerity to fans on Weverse.

RM, who said that he recently started writing a diary, uploaded a long letter as if he had a lot of thoughts to share with fans when the season changed.

RM began his letter by saying, “It’s getting harder for me to write such a long letter. But if I don’t write, I think I will forget how to do so. That’s why I’m opening up to you after a long time”. Then he expressed his warm hearts towards fans, saying, “My hope for everyone whom I love and those who love us to always be at peace for as long as possible has never changed.”


RM continued by explaining his feelings these days, “I’ve also been searching for stability and peace for so long, but it seems like I can’t erase the thought that people, or perhaps even I myself, always want some kind of drama. It’s like a strange disease that makes you start getting anxious when you’ve just felt stable a little bit.”


Moreover, despite his busy schedules, RM also talked about how he has been trying to regain his inner peace, saying, “Such a long time has passed since I came to Seoul when I was 17 but looking back on that time now, I get a strange feeling that nothing has changed much. Eventually, I’m only 28 years old, and I think it will take me countless years more to become as stable as I hope to be”

Lastly, RM said, “Winter – the season which usually comes at us unexpectedly and scares us, has now become a great season to run away and walk. When the wind gets warmer, see you there wherever that may be.”


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