Both involved in bullying accusations, but why Nam Joo Hyuk’s case is different from LE SSERAFIM Kim Ga-ram’s?

Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Garam (LE SSERAFIM) are two stars who have been involved in bullying accusations recently.

School violence is a major issue in Korea, and the Korean entertainment industry is no exception. Last year, a number of celebrities were exposed as school bullies and forced to leave the entertainment industry, including Ji Soo, (G)I-DLE Soojin… Recently, Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Garam (LE SSERAFIM) have both been accused of bullying their friends in the past.

While Kim Garam was obliged to halt activities despite HYPE’s repeated denials of the allegations, Dispatch’s investigation cleared the “Twenty One, Twenty Five” actor from accusations of school violence. Dispatch also avoided discussing the issue concerning “BTS’s younger sister”. As a result, recent discussions on Korean social media focused on the differences between the two cases of Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Garam.

Number of whistleblowers and defenders

The number of whistleblowers and defenders in two cases, in the opinion of the general public, said much about the differences between them. Although Kim Garam only had one victim directly denounce her, there are several anonymous comments that continue to draw attention to the female idol’s aggressive behavior. Many claimed they were unable to be named out of concern for their safety from Kim Garam’s friends.

In the meantime, numerous accounts purporting to be the female idol’s schoolmates stood up for her. However, internet users instantly pointed out that these people’s handwriting is similar and that they placed yearbooks on similar-looking tables. This gives rise to the possibility that the HYBE staff fabricated the article to defend the artist.

There were two primary accusers in Nam Joo Hyuk’s case, A and B. In addition, a female by the name of C said that the male actor joined a chat room just to harass her. However, the actor from Twenty Five, Twenty One was supported by up to 18 friends and two homeroom teachers. Many people, including classmate Seo Seok Hoon, instructor Park Tae Gyu, and Hong Seong Man, are eager to come out with their genuine identities.

All of Nam Joo Hyuk’s supporters released rare images and never-before-told stories about him. Even two teachers are prepared to give up their teaching positions in order to demonstrate that Nam Joo Hyuk is not a bully.


Even though HYBE denied all allegations made against Kim Garam, evidence of the female idol’s violent behavior in schools was eventually made public. She even had to be disciplined for her inappropriate actions. Kim Garam was thus given a level 5 punishment, which is given to students who are unable to reflect on themselves after a long time of bullying their classmates.

As a result, Kim Ga-ram and her parents were required to attend special education and pay a 3 million won fine. This is a very serious level. At this time, HYBE again argued that the cause of the incident came from Kim Garam’s friends and that she was unfairly punished. In addition, a series of photos of the female idol taken with a board full of offensive drawings and her obscene conversations were also made public.

kim garam
Kim Garam received level 5 punishment out of 9 levels for engaging in school violence, and the incident is noted in her educational record.
This is a very serious level 

Many of Nam Joo Hyuk’s friends corroborated that a classmate named P did the fighting and used the teacher’s phone to buy gaming items, but the accuser put the blame on Nam Joo Hyuk. Additionally, the classmate, according to Dispatch, believes that the victim may have misunderstood Nam Joo Hyuk’s dependence on buying breads as an errand while also being offended by the fact that the entire class jostled for a spot to have an early lunch.

Nam Joo Hyuk is also charged with joining a chat room to harass a young woman. However, in fact, this actor is not the founder but was only present in this chat room. SOOP Management stated that the chat room issue was complicated. The participants involved in the incident all apologized to the girl called C, and the incident was not noted in the student files.

Nam Joo-hyuk thumbnail
Many friends believe that the victim may have misunderstood Nam Joo Hyuk’s actions. The chat room incident was also closed and not recorded in the students’ files

Legal action from the victims

After Kim Garam was accused of school violence, HYBE took action against her victim. However, the victim side did not give in. The victim and her family both released a statement through a lawyer saying that they wanted to receive an apology from the female idol. They also revealed that due to Kim Garam’s actions in the past and the issue of cyber violence after the incident, the victim had to transfer to another school, drop out of school, and even have extreme thoughts.

Kim Ga Ram

In Nam Joo Hyuk’s case, SOOP Management also released a statement to take tough legal action against inaccurate accusations and malicious comments. After this announcement, the accusers of Nam Joo Hyuk have not yet taken any new action.

Nam Joo Hyuk

Source: K14

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