BLACKPINK’s World Tour Revenue Reaches 100 Billion Won, Becoming the Highest-Earning Girl Group in History

With a single tour, BLACKPINK has become the girl group with the highest tour revenue in the world, earning 100 billion won in just two months from concert earnings alone.

Touring Data, a US concert tour box office data aggregator, announced on April 21st that BLACKPINK has become the girl group with the highest tour revenue in history after analyzing the ticket sales revenue from their ongoing world tour “BORN PINK”. 

BlackPink Coachella

BLACKPINK earned $78,485,210 (approximately 104.6 billion won) from 366,248 concert attendees at 26 shows. This surpassed the world tour revenue of Spice Girls, who held the previous record with $78.2 million (11 shows) in 2019.

The third-highest tour revenue in history was earned by TLC’s 2000 tour ($72.8 million), followed by Destiny’s Child’s 2004 tour ($70.8 million) and Spice Girls’ 2008 tour ($70 million). BLACKPINK has surpassed them all with their shows in North America, Europe, and Korea. Touring Data ranked them first in last year’s concert rankings based on ticket sales revenue alone. All of their shows were sold out. BLACKPINK held 26 concerts last year and is currently holding 31 concerts, mainly in Asia, this year.

BLACKPINK’s tour performance is not only noteworthy among girl groups but also in the entire concert market. Based on just two months of data, their ranking would be 26th among all singers worldwide in terms of tour revenue last year. 

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Last year, BTS, ranked 27th in tour revenue, earned $75.48 million (approximately 100.6 billion won) with 11 concerts and 458,145 attendees. Their average ticket price was $164 (approximately 218,000 won). Although BLACKPINK’s venue size was smaller, their average ticket price was about 70,000 won higher than BTS.

BLACKPINK’s world tour “BORN PINK” consists of 42 shows and 15 shows are still remaining. Considering their massive popularity in Asia this year, it is expected to be another sold-out case. 

If this trend continues, their audience size is expected to reach around 1.5 million, and they are expected to earn a total of 300 billion won in ticket sales alone. This is equivalent to the third-highest annual tour revenue in the world based on last year’s data.

BlackPink Coachella

BLACKPINK, who has grown to the point of standing shoulder to shoulder with legendary artists in the world, is attracting attention wherever they go. 

Recently, BLACKPINK performed as the headliner at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival held in California, USA. It is the largest music festival in North America, with a daily attendance of up to 120,000 people. It was the first time a K-pop artist had performed as a headliner. 

Source: Naver

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