BlackPink’s photos blurred at “MAMA 2017”, was it G-Dragon (Big Bang)’s fault?

Recently, the fandom of girl group BlackPink were extremely angry because their idol’s representative photos which were shown on the screen at MAMA 2017 for “Best Female Group” awards were blurred out while other groups’ photos were fine.

Gdragon diss mama 2014

It was said that, during the mash-up performance of Sewoon, the screen behind him was showing photos of girl groups. What made BlackPink’s fans mad was that, all of other groups’ groups were very clear, except for BlackPink’s, their photos were totally blurred and could not be seen.
This year, there was no YG idol attending MAMA 2017, which reminded many people about the “poor” relationship between YG and this famous show. The reason was, in 2014, G-Dragon – the leader of Big Bang – had an ironical performance towards MAMA with his strong rap lyrics right on MAMA’s stage: “This is a year-end fishing for pushovers… My record, skill is always (seen) as a lie. I’m so sorry but I love you. I just f**k it, it’s a quickie”.

G-Dragon even brought the name of this music awards into his rap lyrics: “It’s been a year, MAMA. Because you set such a large table/awards (sang), You hand it out generously so your children don’t fight. I’m all grown up now so I get full from even watching. Just feed the younger ones”.
According to many surveys, the rap was an ironical attitude towards MAMA. For example: “year-end fishing for pushovers”, we can realize that he event organizers are “pushovers” who are easily changing their decision based on the majority’s opinions and only want to get attention from the audiences and fans (fish). Therefore, the organizer of MAMA was so easy in making decision to find the winners.

Gdragon diss mama 2014
As a result, G-Dragon was very mad at this and “suddenly” composed those “cool” rap lyrics.

However, since the “ironical” performance of G-Dragon, the relationship between YG and MAMA was not good anymore and in the following events of MAMA, YG’s idols continuously refused to join due to their busy schedules. Therefore, after MAMA 2017 in Hong Kong, when the photos of BlackPink were blurred in red while other group’s photos were still clear and beautiful, many fans of BlackPink were angry and affirmed that MAMA purposely played on BlackPink because of what happened in the past.

mama 2017, blackpink, faces blurred
On the screen, while other groups’ photos were very clear, BlackPink’s was not only blurred in red but also unclear.

However, there were some explanations from the audiences for this issue. According to a fancam recording Sewoon’s performance, everyone could see BlackPink’s photos clearly. They had no signs of being blurred out or edited. Perhaps, the red color appeared because of the color of the backdrop and the reflection of their clothes to their black hair. When watching directly and far-away, the audiences might think they were blurred in red.Nevertheless, these explanations were not enough to comfort the fans because during other groups’ photos were shown, especially TWICE, though they did not attend the event like BlackPink, the show still showed their photos clearly without any blur and with full a full formation of 9 members.
The organizer of the event still kept silent, which made BlackPink’s fandom extremely angry
Towards MAMA and Mnet, BlackPink’s fans are still waiting for the clearest explanation to avoid any misunderstandings that may cause.

Sources: fcviet

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