Vietnamese netizens turned their back on Shin Min Ah due to her appearance in an MV that distorted the history of Vietnam

Shin Min Ah has recently been criticized for acting in an MV that represented the history of Vietnamese military force in a malicious way.

Shin Min Ah is a famous actress in Asian countries, including Vietnam. However, Vietnamese netizens recently found out that Shin Min Ah once participated in a music video whose content distorted the history of Vietnam. It was the MV for Korean singer Jo Sung Mo’s song called “Do You Know” released in 2000.

shin min ah
Shin Min Ah is receiving harsh criticism for acting in an MV that misinterpreted the history of the Vietnamese military force

This MV was made 21 years ago, and Shin Min Ah played a Vietnamese girl who pointed out the base of the Vietnamese military force. Vietnamese netizens were really frustrated to see a scene that showed Vietnamese soldiers hitting and torturing their own citizens. This MV was set in the Vietnam War times but told the story of Korean soldiers protecting Vietnamese citizens from the military force of their own country. This ridiculous storyline has triggered a huge rage among Vietnamese netizens.

shin min ah
shin min ah
shin min ah

Vietnamese replied under the comment section of this MV with criticisms, saying, “This MV distorted the history of Vietnam”, “Stop misinterpreting our history”, “I used to like Shin Min Ah a lot, but I will stop supporting her from now on”, “Don’t defend her blindly, this is unacceptable”, etc. Apart from Shin Min Ah, other actors were also boycotted by Vietnamese audiences. Many people have complained to the MV’s publisher, forced them to delete the MV and demanded an apology.

shin min ah

In addition, the actor who starred with Shin Min Ah, Kim Seon Ho, was also entangled in rumors of forcing his girlfriend to have an abortion. On October 18, a scandal related to the actor’s private life broke out. In a post on Korean social media, the accuser said Kim Seon Ho lied to his girlfriend that he would marry her in order to force her to have an abortion. The actor then gave his girlfriend 2 million won for hospital fees and broke up with her.

kim seon ho

After that, Kim Seon Ho also admitted that he was actor K and apologized to the public as well as his ex-girlfriend. He also withdrew from the show 2 Days 1 Night along with a series of other film projects.

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