Lisa (BLACKPINK) and Boyfriend Spotted at Disneyland Amidst Getting Married Rumors

On the morning of January 2nd, Sohu reported that Lisa (BLACKPINK) and Frédéric Arnault were spotted at Disneyland (Paris) to celebrate the New Year. “I met Lisa at Disneyland Paris. Lisa and LVMH’s 3rd young master (Frédéric Arnault) walked together. She was wearing a white down jacket and there were 2 bodyguards following the two of them”, the source wrote. During the morning of January 2nd, a video capturing images of the youngest BLACKPINK member and Frédéric Arnault went viral on social media.


Lisa took a flight to France about half a month ago. However, it is only now that the singer and her rumored boyfriend have revealed photos and clips of their date, enjoying blissful moments together.

Not long ago, Lisa – Frédéric Arnault became the subject of living together and rumors of an imminent wedding. Speculations arose as she spent a significant amount of time residing in France, Frédéric’s homeland, from July 2023 until now.

Interestingly, fans have not spotted Lisa at the Paris hotel like the other members of the group. Moreover, the beauty recently brought her pet dog, Love, to France. Stringing together these pieces of evidence, many viewers raised suspicions that Lisa has been living together with Frédéric Arnault during her time in Paris, and there’s even speculation that the couple might be on the verge of tying the knot.

Meanwhile, Lisa was also recently spotted going to watch a Crazy Horse show in Paris and even alleged went for a stroll with Frédéric Arnault’s bodyguard on the streets of France. 

Source: X, xhs

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