Won Ji-min of rookie girl group CLASS:y – debut lineup’s 1st place, 172 cm, perfect visual resembling Jo Bo-ah

Won Ji-min, a member of the new girl group CLASS:y, is expected to gain the title “the next-generation idol icon”.

CLASS:y (Won Ji-min, Kim Seon-you, Myung Hyung-seo, Hong Hye-ju, Kim Ri-won, Park Bo-eun, Yoon Chae-won) is the debut group formed through MBC’s global K-pop audition program “My Teenage Girl”, which ended in February.

Won Ji-min

Won Ji-min proved herself as a potential idol by topping the final ranking in the program. It is said that this girl is perfect, from her visual to singing ability and performance skills, raising K-pop fans’ excitement.

Even before the audition program began, Won Ji-min already received keen attention in various communities and on SNS sites as a trainee who “resembles Jo Bo-ah in both the face and physique”. Born in 2007, Won Ji-min boasts a pure vibe and chic charm. Won Ji-min’s distinct facial features and extraordinary height of 172cm make her stand out even more.

Won Ji-min also owns excellent skills that go well with her splendid visual. Performing Red Velvet Irene & Seulgi’s “Monster” for the entrance stage, Won Ji-min caught the eyes of netizens with her powerful vocal and intense stage presence. Proceeding to the concept evaluation and vocal position evaluation, she continued to show off her overwhelming skills with reversed charms. After seeing Won Ji-min in the performances of Oh My Girl’s “Dun Dun Dance” and MAMAMOO’s “Decalcomanie”, K-pop fans’ eyes and ears were all captivated by her freshness and energy.

Won Ji-min

After being confirmed as a member of the debut group, Won Ji-min was given the chance to sing the killing part of “SURPRISE”, which was specially introduced for one week on music shows. She stole fans’ hearts by not only revealing sensible stage manners but also presenting fresh expressions and shining smiles for the ending poses.

By showing off an outstanding visual, amazing physique, impressive vocal and performance skills, Won Ji-min is considered a key member of CLASS:y. Her debut is raising fans’ expectations.

Won Ji-min, who already has the potential of a “perfect idol”, is arousing curiosity from netizens about how she will perform as a member of CLASS:y, which is counting down to their official debut day.

Won Ji-min

Meanwhile, CLASS:y drew attention as they released their debut slogan “We customize our own” on April 5th. In particular, the unique debut plan of this girl group is receiving explosive reactions from K-pop industry and K-pop fans around the world.


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