A Twitter user leaked a recording file of Korean fans insulting Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih

An audio recording of some Kep1er members’ fans mocking and ridiculing Huening Bahiyyih is attracting attention.

After more than 2 months of competition, ‘Girls Planet 999’ finally found the final debut lineup in the finale that aired on the evening of October 22. Accordingly, the new girl group’s name is Kep1er, and the 9-member lineup has been announced including Kim Chaehyun, Huening Bahiyyih, Choi Yujin, Kim Dayeon, Seo Youngeun, Kang Yeseo, Ezaki Hikaru, Sakamoto Mashiro, and Shen Xiaoting.


Similar to many other survival shows, ‘Girls Planet 999’ ends with controversy. However, for ‘Girls Planet 999’, almost all of the public’s criticisms were directed at only one member: Huening Bahiyyih. Even if the results were unchangeable and Mnet was said to be unable to manipulate the votes, many people still thought that Huening Bahiyyih’s debut was unworthy and that led to a huge wave of boycotts.

Accordingly, many people felt extremely disgruntled when Huening Bahiyyih finished 2nd in the finale even though she had never entered the Top 9 in the previous 11 episodes. They pointed out that she was famous for being the younger sister of TXT’s Huening Kai and doesn’t really have any talent. Many feel unfair for some of the more talented contestants like Kawaguchi Yurina, Guinn Myah and Kim Bora who were eliminated.

And while the wave of boycotting Huening Bahiyyih continues, a Twitter user from Korea recently published an audio recording of a group of ‘Girls Planet 999’’s fans. In this recording, some girls made malicious comments about Huening Bahiyyih’s debut and thought she deserved to be boycotted.

huening bahiyyih
Huening Bahiyyih got to debut but faced a huge boycott wave

(Note: The recording has been modified by the original uploader to avoid leaking personal information).

The content of the conversation is as follows:

‘What role will Huening Bahiyyih be assigned to in the group?’

‘I never know’

‘Looks like she can’t do anything.’


‘I guess being criticized is also a position of the group.’

‘I think it’s thanks to her that other members might be criticized less.’

‘Even if there were rumors about her being boycotted in the group, I think I would be very happy.’

‘Oh, I was just thinking about that too. This is a bad thought but since it’s Huening Bahiyyih it should happen, really. This is still reasonable.’

‘Don’t people feel that it’s worth it even if she’s bullied? Although boycotting someone is not the right thing to do but I haven’t really seen anyone being nice except for one person.’

‘I think even if she was bullied I would feel very satisfied. Although this is a bad thing, don’t you think it’s refreshing to see her boycotted?’

‘But I think the kids (in the group) are very nice so they won’t do that’.

Furthermore, the account that posted this recording published a list of Twitter accounts in the Twitter Space conversation that day. Based on the names of the accounts, it is clear that these people are all fans of other members of Kep1er or ‘Girls Planet 999,’ particularly fans of Ezaki Hikaru and Shen Xiaoting. 

huening bahiyyih

Some fans also asked the “exposer” as to why this person published the entire list of chat room participants when the recorded conversation appeared to involve just two people (2 speakers). According to the “exposer”, the others could have defended Huening Bahiyyih, stopped the discussion, or left the chat room. However, the fact that they stayed and listened until the end demonstrated that they all had the same point of view. 

huening bahiyyih
Image of a list of accounts who joined the Twitter Space chat room that day

This recording file immediately enraged Huening Bahiyyih’s fans. As a result, they declared that this group’s behavior was unacceptable. This was even more condemnable as Huening Bahiyyih is still a minor.

Furthermore, Huening Bahiyyih fans believe that too many people have unfairly criticized the female idol. Accordingly, the show’s results are inherently based on the number of total votes, and because Huening Bahiyyih’s fan base is so large, her votes are so overwhelming, even topping 115 countries.

On the other hand, the remaining members of Kep1er are also supported by many other Kpop fandoms, so it cannot be said that Huening Bahiyyih’s success is entirely thanks to her brother. Fans believe that if such unreasonable critics exist, then contestants whose relatives are already debuted Kpop idols should be banned from participating in survival shows.

The boycott of Huening Bahiyyih is still ongoing, making fans of the rookie female idol angry and worried. Bahiyyih’s fans are sending a series of emails to her management company, Play M Entertainment, urging them to take action to protect her. Fans are also urged to contact Wake One Entertainment because Bahiyihh will soon be a member of Kep1er, which is managed by this company.   

huening bahiyyih
Boycotting and insulting Kpop idols is, in fact, wrong and should be stopped. Hopefully, the company and related parties will take action to protect Huening Bahiyyih.


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