BLACKPINK’s Jennie showed different charms during the departure and arrival process at Incheon Airport

Jennie always knows how to make herself the focus of attention!

After completing the 2022 S/S Milan and Paris Fashion Week schedules, BLACKPINK’s Jennie returned from Paris on the afternoon of October 7 through Incheon International Airport Terminal 2.

At the time of departure on September 29, Jennie exuded a world star’s charisma by all-black fashion along with a red corsage and a bold pearl chain bag, but she showed a cute reversal charm at the arrival hall. 

On this day, Jennie was “Jendeukie” with her comfortable styling combining an ivory top with a rabbit painted on it and black boots. 

In particular, Jennie showed the delicacy in changing the mask from black to ivory to match her arrival and departure fashion. As soon as the arrival gate opened, she made a deadly eye smile and focused on checking her passport. Afterwards, she left the airport, greeting reporters and fans when they called her name.

Source: Naver

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