BLACKPINK Jisoo releases MV making film for “FLOWER”

The music video making film for BLACKPINK Jisoo’s first solo album title song “FLOWER” has been unveiled.

On April 4th, the music video making film for “FLOWER” was released through BLACKPINK‘s official YouTube channel.

The video contains the exotic scenery unfolding in overseas locations as well as Jisoo‘s passion and friendly charm.

Jisoo instantly immersed herself in every scene. She completed all concepts with her own color, from contemplating in the room with a calm mood, crying in emptiness, to exuding charisma on the empty street.

The large-scale set also attracted attention. Jisoo could not hide her excitement at the shooting at the vast Universal Studios, saying, “I look as if I’ve gone to a different world here. I’m shooting as if I randomly appeared in this empty street. It feels new and it’s fun.”

Meanwhile, the “FLOWER” music video topped YouTube’s worldwide trendings as soon as it was released, and became the “most viewed K-pop music video in the first 24 hours” in 2023. Currently, the number of views has exceeded 75.7 million.

Source: Daum

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