BLACKPINK Jisoo “drew” eyebrows for Jennie and drew laughter, “Protecting our Jendeuk” 

On March 18th, a video titled “AMSTERDAM vlog” was uploaded to BLACKPINK Jisoo‘s YouTube channel “Happiness Index 103%”

In the video, Jisoo visited a store with Jennie and others to have a drink. Then, when Jennie‘s ordered coffee came out, she asked Jisoo to take a photo of her “with a mood”.


Jisoo aimed the camera at Jennie’s face, but Jennie had not put on eyebrow makeup. Seeing this, Jisoo laughed and said, “Oh, your eyebrows”, as well as asking Jennie what she should do. 

In response, Jennie asked Jisoo to “draw” the eyebrows in for her, and the caption “Protect our Jendeuk” was added. In the end, Jisoo ended up covering Jennie’s eyebrows with her hand, making Jennie burst into laughter. 

Continuing in the video, Jennie and Jisoo visited the Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge).

Here, Jisoo shared, “Everyone has started to avoid hanging around with me ever since I started VLOGGING.”

BLACKPINK Jennie Jisoo

Hearing this, Jennie laughed and said, “You’ll live a lonely life”, to which Jisoo replied, “Or they all want their faces edited out.”

Afterward, Jisoo and Jennie affectionately put their faces together, rubbing cheeks. The images of them were so cute, the caption “Couldn’t edit this one out coz she looked so pretty” popped up. At the same time, Jisoo also called Jennie “Jendeuk Jendeuk” cutely. 

In another scene, Jisoo also invoked laughter by forgetting that her gloves were in her pocket and trying to look for them everywhere else.

On the other hand, Jennie and Jisoo’s group, BLACKPINK, has grown into a global star with numerous hit songs such as “Playing with Fire”, “As If It’s Your Last”, “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, “Kill This Love”, “How You Like That”, and most recently, “Pink Venom” and “Shut Down”.

Source: Naver

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