The world-class dancer who taught GD, Lee Hyo-ri, Jun Ji-hyun,… to dance

World-class dancer Kim Seol-jin is the dance teacher of famous celebrities such as Song Joong-ki, Song Kang, Jun Ji-hyun, Lee Hyo-ri, GD, etc.

On the latest episode of SBS talk show “You Are My Destiny,” choreographer/dancer Kim Seol-jin appeared as the special MC. Kim Seol-jin is best known as the choreographer who won the dancing survival show “Dancing 9”.

Kim Seol jin

When asked, “Did you teach GD how to dance, too?” he answered, “I didn’t teach GD, I taught him when he was still Kwon Ji-yong,” surprising everyone.

Kim Seol jin

He was also the one who taught Jun Ji-hyun the viral dance for her famous commercial film, which had spread the techno craze to the entire nation.

Kim Seol jin

Kim Seol-jin then talked about how he was in charge of the choreography for Lee Hyo-ri’s 6th album “Seoul,” proving his title of “representative of representative dancers.”

Kim Seol jin

In 2021, Kim Seol-jin received the Prime Minister’s “Commendation for Popular Culture and Arts Awards,” adding more to his already top-class reputation. 

Kim Seol jin

The audience is all looking forward to choreographer Kim Seoljin’s creative activities in the future.

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