“Isn’t that Sae-byeok herself?”, a K-Pop idol’s impressive “Squid Game” Halloween costume

“WEi” Kim Yo-han has dressed up as Sae-byeok of Netflix’s original series “Squid Game.”  

Kim Yo-han posted a picture on his Instagram on Oct 31st. In the picture, he turned into the character “Sae-byeok” (played by Jeong Ho-yeon) of “Squid Game“. He used medium-length wigs and green training clothes to increase the synchronization with this character. 

Kim Yo-han

In particular, Kim Yo-han surprised the fans by perfectly portraying a female character that could have been awkward if others had done it. Fans are reacting that his big eyes, fair skin, and thick lips even reminded them of the original character in the drama. 

Kim Yo-han
Kim Yo-han

In addition, the other members of “WEi” have transformed into “Toy Story” Woody and villain characters Joker and Harley Quinn,…  On Halloween Day, they gave joy to fans through their own content. 

Netizens expressed their opinions, saying, “They look strangely alike,” “I thought it was Sae-byeok herself,” and “I think he was the most lookalike of Sae-byeok.” 

squid game
Squid Game Saet Byeok

Meanwhile, “Squid Game” is about people on the brink of collapse playing a game that risks their lives to win 45.6 billion won in prize money. It is recorded as the best hit in Netflix history.


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