BLACKPINK Jennie: the standard of professionalism, fully dedicated to all brands she work with

As the model for various famous brands, BLACKPINK Jennie never fails to show her passion and professionalism.

As of the moment, BLACKPINK Jennie has worked with various well-known brands, such as Chanel, Calvin Klein, Gentle Monster, Tamburins, Hera, Chum Churum, and most recently, the automobile firm Porsche. In all of these collaborations, Jennie has proven herself as a true professional.

Jennie Porsche
BLACKPINK Jennie is an irrefutable Kpop “IT Girl”

On October 12th, Porsche revealed their collaboration with Jennie, and immediately became a hot topic. According to officials from this automobile firm, Jennie brought her own moodboard to discussions, suggested a design for the “jennierubyjane” logo, as well as other details in the special “Jennie version” Porsche.

Jennie Porsche
Jennie recently worked with the luxury car company Porsche 
Jennie Porsche
The female idol brought a lot of her ideas and participated in the design for the Taycan 4S Cross Turismo for Jennie Ruby Jane
Jennie Porsche
Many details of this special car came from Jennie herself 
Jennie Porsche
The Taycan 4S Cross Turismo for Jennie Ruby Jane was born from Jennie’s collaboration with Porsche 

While working with the eyewear brand Gentle Monster, Jennie also dedicated a lot to the designing of several products. In addition, Gentle Monster also allowed Jennie a lot of creative liberty, leading to the birth of several eyewear designs and the pop-up store Jentle Home. 

In her 2nd time working with Gentle Monster, Jennie participated even further in the design process, and various gift boxes of the brand also took on Jennie’s ideas. The female idol also participated in the character design of the game “Jentle Garden”, alongside Gentle Monster’s creative team. 

blackpink jennie
Gentle Monster puts a lot of faith on Jennie, and often allows the female idol to create her own eyewear designs 
jentle home jennie
The pop-up store Jentle Home is also designed by Jennie 
Jennie-Gentle Monster-Jentle Garden
Jennie put a lot of effort into creating unique and distinctive designs that embodies her essence for Gentle Monster 
Jennie-Gentle Monster-Jentle Garden
The female idol receives a lot of praise for her creativity 
jennie jentle garden
She also participated in the character design of the game “Jentle Garden”, alongside Gentle Monster’s creative team

In February 2021, Jennie took on the role of “contributing editor” for the first time with Vogue Korea. In particular, she participated in the preparation stage, concept creation (fashion, hairstyle, makeup look, etc), as well as the planning for her own photoshoot. 

Jennie never hesitated to try out new roles and take on new responsibilities 

While filming the advertisement for the perfume brand Tamburins, Jennie did not use a cascadeur, and instead opted to play the action sequences herself. The BLACKPINK member ended up performing a lot of on-air actions without any complaints. 

Jennie performed a lot of on-air action sequences 
jennie blackpink elle
The female idol dedicated her all to all activities she takes on

Despite having worked with a lot of brands, Jennie never sticks to one comfort zone or one certain color and image, and instead never hesitates to try out new things. It is thanks to this dedication that she’s known for her professionalism and one-of-a-kind aura. 

Source: yan

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