Fans are outraged to find out Kep1er’s Da-yeon and Ciipher’s Won sent messages to fans using “couple photos”

Bubble messages sent by Kep1er’s Kim Da-yeon (19 years old) and Ciipher’s Won (18 years old) to fans attracted netizens’ attention.

On October 13th, a post on the online community theqoo talked about Bubble messages from Won to his fans. In a bubble message, Won boasted to fans, “I got a little better at boyfriend-material photos,” and “Isn’t it a perfect boyfriend-material photo?” using a photo that was supposed to be taken by Kim Da-yeon.

Kim Da-yeon also sent a message to fans showing off her bag, saying, “I’ll brag about my new bag, sorry for being out of the blue, it’s a very cute bag, you guys should buy it as a couple bag.” The bag she posted was allegedly used by Won as well.

Netizens who saw the messages of the two said, “I guess it really is a boyfriend-material photo,” “They are deceiving the fans,” and “Even though I understand they have the right to be in love, this is…”

Rumors of a romantic relationship between the two were raised on Twitter and Nate Pann. Netizens talked about Kim Da-yeon and Won wearing the same clothes, using the same phone case, and how Da-yeon used night view photos taken by Won as the background of her smartphone.

On the other hand, Kep1er and Ciipher’s agencies said, “We can’t deny it. It is difficult to confirm the fact because there is no reason to deny as they do not respond to romantic rumors. “We respect personal privacy.”

Source: wikitree

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