Kep1er Chaehyun: almost a member of aespa, now an ignored center in her own group

Despite being the official center of Kep1er, Chaehyun is barely getting the treatment she deserves.

Having debuted from the famous Mnet survival show “Girls Planet 999”, rookie girl group Kep1er has been receiving a lot of attention from Kpop fans since their day 1, and are expected to achieve great success. Among the members, Chaehyun perhaps received the highest expectations, considering that she landed in the 1st position in the final ranking of “Girls Planet 999”, and was once an SM trainee. However, fans were soon disappointed. 

chaehyun kep1er
Kep1er Chaehyun received a lot of expectations

As the champion of “Girls Planet 999”, Chaehyun is the official center of Kep1er, and is in charge of vocals. With outstanding talents, appearance, and stage presence, the female idol receives a lot of love, only to be ignored by her own agency, WAKEONE. 

Chaehyun got first place in “Girls Planet 999” and so is the center of Kep1er

On October 13th, Kep1er had a showcase to introduce their 3rd mini album “TROUBLESHOOTER”. Here, the girls delivered their first performance of the title song, and press images of the performance have angered a lot of Chaehyun fans. The reason lies in the fact that despite being the center, Chaehyun did not get to stand in the prime position in the ending, and instead another member, Shen Xiaoting, took the place. As a result, many pointed out that it is unfair to Chaehyun, especially when Xiaoting debuted at the 9th position. 

Kep1er Trouble Shooter
Kep1er at the showcase for their 3rd mini album
Kep1er Trouble Shooter
The position of Chaehyun invoked the lot of controversies 
Kep1er Trouble Shooter
Many fans are mad that Shen Xiaoting stood in the center instead of Chaehyun

On top of this, many fans criticized WAKEONE for giving Chaehyun a bland styling for the new comeback. According to them, the female idol is always sporting the same hairstyle and makeup look, and so has difficulty standing out. 

kim chaehyun
Several netizens complained about the repetitive styling of Chaehyun 
There’s not much changed compared to Chaehyun during “Girls Planet 999”

In the past, Chaehyun trained under SM Entertainment for 4 years, together with aespa members Karina, Winter, and NingNing. Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances, she left SM, and did not debut as an aespa member. 

Chaehyun used to train under SM Entertainment
Even now, the female idol stays close to aespa members 
According to Chaehyun, aespa sent her well wishes when she debuted with Kep1er 

In pursuit of her idol dream, Chaehyun ended up participating in the Mnet survival show “Girls Planet 999”, and secured 1st place in the finals. However, despite gaining huge attention through the show, she is not being treated well as a Kep1er member. 

Chaehyun is said to be a “center in name only”, as she isn’t at all favored by the agency 
Many netizens are disappointed that Chaehyun is not getting her deserved treatment as a center 

Source: yan

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