BL drama “Happy Ending Outside the Fence”, starring VIXX Leo & Ka Ram & Ha Jong Woo, will air on November 24th

VIXX Leo, DGNA Ka Ram and rookie actor Ha Jong Woo met in a BL web drama.

Idol Romance’s original “Happy Ending Outside the Fence” is the script selected through Idol Romance Contest and the second BL drama directed by “Wish You” director Sung Do Joon.

“Happy Ending Outside the Fence” tells the love triangle between Cha Jung Woo (Ka Ram), Kim Jung Hyun (Leo), who tries to protect Jung Woo from being expelled from the literary world, and Han Tae Young (Ha Jong Woo), who wants to bring Jung Woo out of that world.

Happy Ending Outside the Fence

In “Happy Ending Outside the Fence”, which is his first drama acting challenge, Leo plays bestselling star writer Kim Jung Hyun. Kim Jung Hyun has a perfect visual and a sensitive personality as a writer. He treats nicely to only Cha Jung Woo and protects Cha Jung Woo from the world in his own way.

Ka Ram who is carrying out active activities in theaters plays and musicals in both Korea and Japan, is in charge of the role of Cha Jung Woo, who was once called a ‘genius writer’ but was expelled from the literary world due to a scandal. Cha Jung Woo wants to write stories under his name but then decides to stay by Kim Jung Hyun’s side to hide from the world after knowing people around him are hurt by his words.

Han Tae Young, co-CEO of Lee Rang Publishing Co., played by rookie actor Ha Jong Woo is a character who has a bright nature and tends to go straight recklessly to achieve what he wants. Han Tae Young, who gave up his dream because of Cha Jung Woo and also raised a new dream because of Cha Jung Woo, finds Cha Jung Woo and persuades him to get out of that world.

Happy Ending Outside the Fence

Leading actors Leo and Ka Ram also participated in singing the OST for the drama. The song “I Still” sung by Leo is a pop ballad song with an acoustic-based sound. Featuring Leo’s calm and sweet voice, it is the theme song for the character Jung Hyun in the drama. The lyrics contain Jung Hyun’s promise to always be by the side of his loved one, and the appealing melody of the song also delivers Jung Hyun’s emotions well. 

The drama is scheduled to air on November 24th.

Source: Daum

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