BIGBANG Daesung wishes to appear on dating program “I Am Solo”?

Daesung, a member of BIGBANG, expresses his wish to appear on the hyperrealistic dating program “I Am Solo”. 

Recently, Song Hae Na, who works as an MC for the hyperrealistic dating program “I Am Solo”, published a video on her YouTube channel, in which BIGBANG Daesung was mentioned. 

In particular, Song Hae Na recalled, “I went to the wedding of brother Se7en and sister Da Hae. At the time, BIGBANG Daesung approached me, and said he really wanted to participate in ‘I Am Solo’. He even asked me if he can appear as a guest MC.”


“However, ever since filming ‘I Am Solo’, I haven’t got any boyfriend. I think this will continue until the show ends”, the female star also added. 

On the other hand, “I Am Solo” is a hyperrealistic dating program of SBS, where men and women who desire to get married are invited to “Solo World” to gather and get to know each other. 

Meanwhile, since BIGBANG Daesung has got no dating rumor throughout his career, many fans have been joking that the male idol is finally taking action.

Source: VKR

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