Reporter-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin-ho pointed out two names in relation to the incident of a famous “Show Me The Money” rapper attempting extreme choice

It is claimed that Lee Seung-ah, singer Sul Woon-do’s daughter, was also involved in the case of a “Show Me The Money” and “High School Rapper” rapper making an extreme choice.

On March 23rd, a video titled, “Shocking exclusive news! Current status of Sul Woon-do’s daughter, Show Me The Money rapper’s identity”, was uploaded on the Youtube channel of former reporter Lee Jin-ho.

Lee Jin-ho said, “After collecting information, I was able to confirm the identities of these two people. I was quite shocked”, adding, “It was because A turned out to be D.Ark (Jin Yulin, 19 years old), and B was Lee Seung-ah, singer Sul Won-do’s daughter. It happened when the two, a man and a woman with an 8-year age gap, stayed together in one officetel”.

News1 reported on March 16th that a famous rapper was caught by the police on charges of setting fire to an officetel in Gangnam, Seoul. At that time, roommate B woke up and sprayed water to prevent the fire from spreading. Both were safe and didn’t notice any health problems.

D.Ark Lee Seung-ah

Lee Jin-ho mentioned the two’s relationship. He said, “In December last year, Lee Seung-ah released several photos taken with D.Ark on her Instagram. Since then, dating rumors began to spread through various media sites but both sides have not expressed any position. Netizens were also curious about the two’s moves after the rumors broke out”.

Lee Jin-ho explained, “On the day the article was published, Lee Seung-ah released a new photo on her Instagram. She reported how she had been doing as if she was not aware of the serious situation that might put her in trouble”, adding, “In overall, it would still be okay to consider the two’s relationship as ‘dating’”.

D.Ark Lee Seung-ah

Lee Jin-ho also talked about the conflict between Sul Woon-do and Lee Seung-ah. He said, “The two appear to have to have argued several times over the topic of ‘future’s dream’”, adding, “Lee Seung-ah dreamed of debuting as a singer. However, Sul Woon-do reportedly opposed the plan”.

As for D.Ark, Lee Jin-ho explained, “He is a person who has been the center of controversies after being involved in incidents several times”. He pointed out D.Ark’s controversial remark during the Winter Olympics last month, revelations of his ex-girlfriend, dissing rapper Cho Kwang-il, etc.

Lastly, Lee Jin-ho said, “It is because of the conflict with her father that made her struggle to achieve her dream? Lee Seung-ah’s affection for D.Ark seems to be growing day by day”, adding, “As Sul Woon-do has shown his extraordinary love for his daughter more than anyone else, hopefully, Lee Seung-ah will not get involved in incidents with D.Ark”.

D.Ark Lee Seung-ah

Born in 2004, D.Ark is a rapper from Yanbian, Jilin Province, China. He became famous after participating in Mnet’s “Show Me The Money” and “High School Rapper”. Lee Seung-ah, the daughter of singer Sul Woon-do, once appeared on KBS2’s “Trot National Sports Festival”

With rumors of the two’s romantic relationship having been spread since December last year, their age gap also sparked controversies. It was because the 2004-born rapper D.Ark is still a minor and has only turned 19 years old this year, while Lee Seung-ah is a 27-year-old adult. Both have not expressed positions on their romance rumors. 

After his name was mentioned, D.Ark uploaded a status on his Instagram story on March 23rd to reveal his position, saying, “I opened my main account after reading the articles. It’s not me. Please don’t worry”.

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