Knetizens are excited by fans’ comments when Rosé was attacked, even advise “BLACKPINK’s fans should start doing this”

What is the content of the comment that makes netizens so excited?

BLACKPINK is one of the world’s most popular Kpop stars, possessing a global reputation and leading the Hallyu wave.  This is what Kpop fans can see, through the group’s achievements, and the media’s attention towards 4 girls.  Because of its widespread popularity and strong fandom, it is understandable that the YG Entertainment girls have many anti-fans.

BLACKPINK’s fans should start doing this

Therefore, the fact that BLACKPINK or the members are frequently attacked by anti-fans on social networks.  Recently, on a Kpop forum, netizens are extremely excited by a comment. that was left by a BLACKPINK fan on a post hating on Rosé.  The comment is as follows:

“No matter what you say, Rosé is a superstar loved by fans all over the world. Compared to Rosé’s life, where she makes money even just by breathing, your life is just irrelevant trash and I feel bad for your unfortunate little life”

BLACKPINK’s fans should start doing this

As can be seen, this comment caused many anti-fans to be attacked by the malicious words of this fan.  A non-fan captured this comment, posted it on a Kpop forum, and advised BLINKs to spread it whenever the group is attacked for no reason.

BLACKPINK’s fans should start doing this

Below the post, Knetizens also left interesting comments, saying that anti-fans are also difficult to reply to this comment!

But BLACKPINK. Money still accumulates in their bank books even when they’re just breathingㅋㅋㅋ They earn money even when they do nothing…


That picture of Rosé is so pretty

Our Rosé-nim

For real, she has her face in the Yves Saint Laurent stores and it makes me think her antis are pathetic

BLACKPINK’s fans should start doing this

It can be seen that Knet agrees with this comment.  The female singer is not only successful in music but also has a strong mark in the fashion field.  As the main vocalist of the world’s No. 1 girl group BLACKPINK, she has received a lot of attention when preparing for a solo debut.  Rosé is also the ambassador of the cult YSL.  Moreover, fans hope that she will become the ambassador of high-end jewelry brand Tiffany & Co, … Memorable milestones in her career are enough to prove her position and ability to make money.  Therefore, even though the antifans attacked the female idol, she was still extremely successful.

BLACKPINK’s fans should start doing this
BLACKPINK’s fans should start doing this

However, it is also necessary to distinguish between the antifan and the ones who want to give the girls suggestions to help them improve, and at the same time help fans realize what their idols lack.  Therefore, the fans also need to have a civilized idol culture.  Equipping knowledge before expressing opinions is one of the most important factors in building a better idol culture.

BLACKPINK’s fans should start doing this

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