BIGBANG Daesung “I’m nervous as it’s my first time working with a company other than YG”

Singer Daesung shared his recent status and plans for future activities.

On April 10th, a video titled “Exclusive ReportㅣAsk Daesung directlyㅣDterview” was uploaded on Daesung’s YouTube channel “D’splay”.

In the video, Daesung played a double role and had time to interview himself.

Daesung recently left YG and signed a contract with his new agency RnD Company. RnD Company is a comprehensive entertainment company that includes Chun Jung Myung, Lisa, Navi, KyoungSeo, Kisum, Haein, Ahn Il Kwon and Shin Joo Ah.


In the video, it was reported that Daesung created a label called D-LABLE. Daesung replied, “As you know, I recently signed with RnD Company. They said they wanted to form a team dedicated to me, so I named it D-LABLE.”

Daesung was asked, “I see you’ve spelt label as ‘lable’ rather than ‘l-a-b-e-l’. Some people were wondering if that was on purpose or if it was a mistake. Was it a mistake?”

Daesung explained, “It actually was on purpose. I also wanted it to have more than one meaning. My Japanese nickname is D-Lite. I used D and L from that nickname, and I combined it with the word ‘able’. So there you have it! ‘D-LABLE’.”


He added, “Plus, it’s my first time working with a company other than YG, so I wanted to include a message of support for myself, that I can do it, as the word ‘able’ suggests.”

Daesung also mentioned his plans for future activities.

He confessed, “I took a long personal break to recharge, but I didn’t waste the time just resting and doing nothing. It was what I needed to prepare for this next phase. It allowed me to train my mind and body and helped me find the right people. And now I’m ready to hit the ground running. Your love and support means the world to me, and I can’t wait to try different things and create cherished memories with you.”

Source: Nate

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