Besides Sullyoon, this NMIXX member also caught attention with her elegant visuals that resemble TWICE’s Mina 

Netizens are attracted to the beauty of NMIXX’s leader.

Ever since JYP Entertainment introduced their new girl group, NMIXX members have drawn keen attention for their eye-catching visuals. Having a pretty lineup with no “visual hole”, NMIXX promises to be one of the most outstanding 4th generation girl groups. 

NMIXX Haewon
NMIXX’s radiant visuals

On February 22, NMIXX officially made their debut with the title track “O.O”. The song is a combination of two genres Bailey Funk and Teenage Pop Rock, creating a unique genre called Mixx Pop. “O.O” has been receiving mixed reactions, but NMIXX’s visuals have been showered with praises. 

Besides Sullyoon – the visual pick of Korean netizens, NMIXX’s leader Haewon also stands out with her pretty looks. With a feminine, soft and innocent beauty, the 19-year-old female idol has quickly won the hearts of fans. Many netizens also say Haewon gives off the same elegant vibes as her JYP senior TWICE’s Mina

NMIXX Haewon
Haewon’s feminine, soft visuals
NMIXX Haewon
NMIXX Haewon
are said to resemble TWICE’s Mina 

Apart from visuals, Haewon also gains positive comments for her good personality and strong vocals. She’s not only NMIXX’s leader but also a main vocalist. Sullyoon’s stage presence with charming facial expressions also show her great potential. 

NMIXX Haewon
Haewon has a charming stage presence 

Having both looks and skills, Haewon makes netizens look forward to her bright future in the industry. 

  • So pretty and refreshing. She has the kind of personality that would attract fans. She sings well too. She has the potential to become one of the most popular members.
  • She’s really good at singing, she’ll definitely be popular with fanboys.
  • She looks like a baby, so cute!
  • I like Haewon the most in the group, really pretty.
  • For me, she stands out the most in NMIXX
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