Beijing police announced more details related to the serious private life scandal of Kris Wu

Currently, the new development of the case between Kris Wu and hot girl Du Meidzu makes showbiz again becoming a hot topic.

Currently, the new development of the case between Kris Wu and hot girl Du Meidzu makes showbiz again becoming a hot topic.

On the evening of July 22, on Weibo of the Beijing police, all details of the lawsuit between Kris Wu and hot girl Du Meidzu were officially announced. This information became the hottest topic on social media at the moment and attracted the attention of the public.

Beijing police announced the details of the serious private life scandal of Kris Wu

According to information, in the past few days, the police have investigated the case of Du Meidzu accusing Kris Wu of sexual abuse. The male singer also accused this 19-year-old hot girl of appropriating property. After taking the statements of both sides and gathering evidence, the Beijing police stated the same:

1.Regarding the relationship between Kris Wu and Du Meidzu:

At 10 pm on December 5, 2020, Kris Wu’s former manager, surnamed Feng (28 years old), used the reason to choose the female lead for the male singer’s MV to invite Du Meidzu (18 years old) to come and attend a meeting with the male singer.

There are more than 10 people at the party, playing board games and drinking from then until 7 am the next morning then leaving. After drinking, Du Meidzu stayed at Wu Yifan’s house, and then the two had sex.

In the afternoon of the same day, after having a meal at the male singer’s house, Du Meidzu and the two made friends on the chat group. On December 8, Wu Yifan transferred 32,000 yuan for her to go online shopping. They keep texting each other until April 2021.

2. About Du Meidzu and many others sharing information on social networks

From June 2021, Du Meidzu and her friend Ms.A (19 years old) discussed and decided to publicize their dating information with Kris Wu to become famous.

After that, Ms.A through a Weibo account named “Liu Mei Li” posted an article accusing Kris Wu of “cold violence” with Du Meidzu. From July 8-11, Du Meidzu posted 3 other articles in a row.

On July 13, a man surnamed Liu (31 years old) because of bribing, contacted Du Meidzu. After discussing, this person began to write 10 articles on “decisive battle with Kris Wu”. From July 16, Du Meidzu continuously shared those articles on her Weibo account.

3. About blackmailed incident

On July 14, the police received a report from Wu Yifan’s mother about being blackmailed by Du Meiduz.  Through investigation, the suspect was confirmed as Mr. Liu.  Both Kris Wu and Du Meidzu’s offices were deceived by Liu.  Liu firstly pretended to be a victim of Kris Wu to gain the trust of Du Meidzu, then pretended to be Kris Wu’s lawyer to scam money from Du Meidzu (Du Meiduz sent 180,000 yuan to this account).  After that, he pretended to be Du Meidzu and demanded money from Kris Wu. 

4. Kris Wu’s allegation of soliciting minors is still under investigation.

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