“Behind Your Touch” Han Ji-min, “I Was The Only One Who Knew Who The Culprit Was From The Beginning”

Actress Han Ji-min expressed her passion for her latest drama

JTBC’s “Behind Your Touch” recently ended with high popularity. To celebrate, its lead actress Han Ji-min has shared some insights in her latest interview with Sports Joseon.

Q. Did you feel the high ratings and popularity of “Behind Your Touch”

Until now, it was not easy to feel viewers’ reaction to my work because the broadcast usually began during filming or new works were filmed during the airing period. However, there was a break time for this drama, so for the first time, I saw the work while fully feeling the viewer’s reaction. So I could for the first time feel relieved and grateful for the various reactions to the work throughout the broadcast. Recently, I came to Australia to see my nephew, and I was grateful to see that my nephew’s friends approached me and asked me shyly who the criminal was, it was very cute. In this way, many people around me asked about the work and characters, so I could feel that “an actor is the happiest at this time.”

Q. What was it like when Bong Ye-bun developed psychometric skills?

What if I had a superpower? Isn’t it fun just imagining it? I started from that imagination, too. If I had a superpower, I would think I was crazy or go to the hospital like Ye-bun did for the first time. The script also realistically contained Ye-bun’s actions, so it felt natural when I was acting. When Ye-bun began to actively use her abilities to find the culprit, I was able to express the superpower with Ye-bun’s personality, thinking, “Would I have the courage to do it without hesitation like Ye-bun?”

Q. The identity of the serial killer was not revealed until the second half, raising tensions. When did you find out who the killer was and how was the filming?

At the beginning of filming, the director only told me who the criminal was. So it was hard for me to keep quiet with everyone until it was written in the script.(Laughs) Finding the culprit was also an issue on the set. Suho asked me about the culprit, saying it might be him, but I couldn’t say anything.(Laughs) Also, I knew that the shaman (Park Hyuk-kwon) was the culprit, so I kept getting goosebumps when I saw the shaman’s bright smile, but I also felt that Park Hyuk-kwon’s acting calculation was amazing. When filming, we wondered how the scene of finding the culprit would be edited because it was so fun even though our scene was serious, but with the addition of music and editing, I was surprised by the director’s directing ability again, thinking, “The director had a plan since the beginning.”

Q. Please say something to “Bong Ye-bun” who has been with you for months

You have a warm heart. You are sometimes reckless nosiness but since it’s you, it’s lovely. I was grateful to be able to smile a lot thanks to meeting you. I often thought about how you are living, but now I think you can live well without superpowers, so I want you to use your superpower for yourself and to take care of yourself. Thank you. Please be happy, Ye-bun.

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