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Mnet’s “Be the SMF” announced 8 members of MBitious → 8 crews to compete in “Street Man Fighter”… Noze cheered, “They are talented dancers”

With the announcement of the final members of Mbtious crew, the names of 8 crews in the lineup for “Street Man Fighter” was also unveiled.

Mnet’s “Be the SMF”, which aired on the evening of July 5th, revealed the final 8 members to join Mbitious crew. 

40 solo dancers went through 1:1 battles in the choreography copy mission of “Be Mbitious”, and the public decided on 21 dancers who survived. After adding up experts’ scores and public evaluation scores based on the likes and views of dance videos released on the Youtube channel “The Choom”, 8 out of 21 dancers were selected for the project dance crew Mbitious.

MC Kang Daniel called out the name of the final 8 members of Mbitious. After fierce competition, Ocheon, Kim Pyoung-ya, Roh Tae-hyun, Tarzan, Wootae, Lee Ho-won, Jin-woo, and Kim Jung-woo formed Mbitious crew. 

Roh Tae-hyun said, “If we don’t win, some members will regret”, expressing his enthusiasm for the championship. Brother Bin, who was unfortunately eliminated, cheered, “I hope they would win”. Kino expressed his regret but also showed his support to Mbitious members.

Meanwhile, “Street Woman Fighter” dancers also unveiled the lineup of 8 dance crews for “Street Man Fighter”. Many famous names were introduced, including 1Million who are called teachers of idols, Kang Daniel’s pick WeDemBoyz, Eodae with diverse charms, B II B from Feeldog’s agency, PRIME KINGZ who performed with “Street Woman Fighter” Rihey’s team, the famous crew YGX – the team of Oh My Girl YooA’s brother, and the legendary crew Just Jerk.

Announcing the project group Mbitious as the last crew to join “Street Man Fighter”, Noze cheered on them, saying “Mbitious members may feel pressured because of high expectations from many people, but they are all talented dancers. I hope the viewers show a lot of interest in Mbitious”.

Source: daum

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