Byun Woo-seok Guested On Hyeri’s YouTube Show, “He’s the most handsome actor in real life that I’ve ever met”

Actress Hyeri made a comment on actor Byun Woo-seok’s appearance in real life

On May 31st, the latest episode of Hyeri’s YouTube show “Hyell’s Club” was released on her YouTube channel with the title, “The Byun Woo-seok incident is an incident that integrated the tastes of a friend of 30 years.”

Hyeri and Byun Woo-seok are known to have become best friends after acting as lovers in KBS 2TV’s drama “Moonshine,” which ended in 2022. In this “Hyell’s club” episode, the two looked back on each other’s first impressions.

byun woo seok hyeri

Hyeri recalled searching for Byun’s profile online before working with him for “Moonshine.” “It said you were a ‘model-turned-actor’ and ‘a promising actor’,” Hyeri said. “But I saw your profile picture and it was like, how should I say it? So-so. But I met him at the script reading, and he looked so handsome walking in.”

Hyeri laughed, saying that Byun’s official profile picture looked worse than the real him, adding, “I told him to change his profile picture after we got close, but he still uses that picture.” She also drew attention by saying, “When I was asked who is the most handsome actor in real life, I answered Byun Woo-seok.”

On his first impression of Hyeri, Byun said, “When I first met her, she was already a famous person, and she had a lively and bright image. I felt that about her, but she was more sincere and serious than I thought. It was different from the image I saw at first.”

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