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“Dolsing Fourmen” Kim Heechul, “When asked about favorite entertainers, idols have to say Yoo Jaesuk or Kang Hodong no matter what…”

Kim Heechul talked about the law in the idol world.

SBS’s entertainment program “Dolsing Fourmen”, which aired on July 5th, featured Kim Heechul, Hyoyeon and Soyou, who have been idols for 18 years, 16 years and 13 years, as guests. 

On the program, Kim Heechul said, “I think there are some laws that idols have to follow. There are things that we must never break”.

He shared, “First of all, idols have to stay humble no matter what. There were model answers and comments that idols have to say. For example, when asked ‘Which entertainer do you like?’, we could have said ‘I like Tak Jaehoon, Shin Junghwan or Park Myungsoo the most’, but there were even model answers to such questions. At that time, we had to say Yoo Jaesuk or Kang Hodong no matter what. Of course, I like other hyungs, too. I really liked Jaehoon hyung but I couldn’t say his name because rumors might spread.

Hyoyeon said that she seems like an oldie and revealed, “When (the juniors) don’t greet me at the broadcasting station or when they look arrogant on stage, (I don’t like it).” Soyou agreed and said, “I’m not expecting them to come to the waiting room, but they don’t even say hello when we make eye contact.

Kim Heechul said, “When I first debuted, I was contacted a lot by my seniors, saying, ‘It doesn’t look good,’ ‘You lack manners,’ and ‘I’m worried.’ Tony, a senior at my company, told me, ‘If you’re like that, I don’t think you can be a celebrity for long.’ I told that story every time we eat and drink together,” drawing laughter.

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