ASTRO Moon Bin’s Exceptional Affection for His Younger Sister Moon Sua

After the sudden passing of ASTRO’s Moon Bin, his exceptional affection for his younger sister, Billlie’s Moon Sua, has been highlighted.

As the messages left by ASTRO’s Moon Bin before his passing are gaining attention one by one, an interview video revealing his extraordinary affection for his younger sister Moon Sua made netizens’ hearts heavy.


Last year, Moon Bin talked about his younger sister, Moon Sua, in an interview with Ceci Korea.

On that day, Moon Bin said that various thoughts crossed his mind when he saw Moon Sua’s stage as a member of the girl group Billlie.

Moon Bin said, “My younger sister was a trainee for a long time, and I had thoughts like, ‘I hope she can do what she wants to do,’ but I was really proud as an older brother to see her on stage, looking happy and confident.

He continued, “But on the other hand, I also had thoughts like, ‘This is a really difficult time, and you have to control your emotions well. I hope she’s happy.’

Moon Bin’s love for Moon Sua was greater than anyone else’s. He gladly bought her anything she wanted to eat and even gave her his personal card.

Moon Bin said, “I’m not saying anything about her using the card. She seems to be using it well. She recently bought a camera. It was a bit expensive,” showing a bittersweet expression and revealing their “real siblings” dynamic.

astro moonbin billie moon sua

Meanwhile, Moon Bin’s funeral will be held at Seoul Asan Hospital Funeral Hall today (April 22nd). The funeral will be held privately according to the wishes of the family.

Source: Insight. 

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