As Jinni left NMIXX and JYP, fans show concerns about the future of NMIXX

The sudden departure of Jinni causes many fans to worry about the future of both the female idol and her former group, NMIXX. 

On December 9th, NMIXX’s agency JYP Entertainment released an official statement announcing that Jinni has left NMIXX due to “personal reasons”, and that her exclusive contract has also been terminated. 

The departure of Jinni from NMIXX has become a hot topic on SNS 

When she was a member of NMIXX, Jinni was always said to have “center quality”, with outstanding visuals, stable vocals, great dancing and rapping skills, and a lively personality. In addition, the female idol trained under JYP for 7 years from an extremely young age, so her departure couldn’t feel less abrupt. 

Jinni, real name Yun Jin, was already well-known when she was a JYP trainee 

After being confirmed as a member of NMIXX, Jinni immediately became a hot topic, and received rave responses from netizens. However, her talents and visuals are not truly acknowledged so far under JYP, they also said. 

Jinni drew a lot of attention with her glamorous visuals at a recent award ceremony 

As a result, Jinni’s departure from NMIXX and JYP came as a huge shock to fans and the public alike. While some express regrets that the female idol is leaving so soon, others cross their fingers and hope that Jinni will continue to pursue her dream under a new agency that can better appreciate her. 

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At the same time, some also expressed suspicions regarding JYP’s official reason of “personal reasons”. According to them, Jinni even gave up attending the CSAT earlier this year to focus on NMIXX, and just a couple of days ago, made a post about reuniting with fans in NMIXX’s next comeback. 


This is not the first time a JYP idol suddenly departed from their group due to “personal matters”. In fact, netizens have compiled a long list of idols leaving JYP groups shortly after debut. 

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