NMIXX Jinni is not the first JYP idol to leave her group after debut 

Upon the contract termination and departure of Jinni from NMIXX, netizens are bringing up previous cases of JYP idols leaving their groups shortly after debut. 

On December 9th, it was announced that Jinni will be departing from girl group NMIXX and has terminated her exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment. This announcement left fans in deep shock, seeing that there is no sign leading to this departure. 

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Amid confusion from fans, several netizens have noticed that idols leaving their group shortly after debut is rather popular under JYP, and Wonder Girls, 2PM, Day6, and Stray Kids have all been through the same situation. 

In particular, HyunA, who joined Wonder Girls in February 2007, announced her departure 5 months later in July. According to JYP, she was facing health issues. 

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Former 2PM member Jay Park also left his group in September 2009, a year after 2PM’s debut. At the time, Jay Park was embroiled in a serious controversy regarding his past remarks about Korea and willingly withdrew, though the official statement listed his reason for leaving as “personal problem”. 

Then, in February 2016, just 5 months after debut, JunHyeok was announced to have departed from Day6 due to “personal reasons”

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Woojin, who officially debuted with Stray Kids in March 2018, left the group and JYP altogether in October 2019. The reason listed for his departure was also “personal reasons”. 

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Finally, Jinni, formerly of NMIXX, left the company after 10 months after debuting in February 2022. The official statement also announced that she’s departing due to “personal reasons”. 


Since Jinni trained at JYP Entertainment for 7 years and even decided not to take the university entrance exam in order to focus on NMIXX, “personal reasons” is too vague of a reason for fans to accept. As a result, many are demanding for a more detailed explanation from JYP. 

Source: K Crush

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