Aroused controversy over SM female rookie’s avatar looking almost the same as Lisa (BLACKPINK)

Some netizens feel that SM has created a virtual character for the youngest member of BLACKPINK, not NingNing of the rookie group aespa.

 Before the official debut of aespa, SM released the teaser video of the Chinese member NingNing.  In the teaser, the main vocal of aespa showed off her powerful voice along with a virtual version of herself called ae-NingNing.

 Korean netizens quickly notice that ae-NingNing looks like… Lisa (BLACKPINK) more than NingNing herself!  In the photo, the virtual version of the Chinese female idol wears a sparkling black short skirt. This outfit looks similar to the outfit of the BLACKPINK’s main dancer at SBS Gayo Daejun back in December, 2018.

Aroused controversy over SM female rookie’s avatar looking almost the same as Lisa (BLACKPINK)

When it comes to Lisa, many people immediately think of her iconic bangs.  For a long time, the BLACKPINK’s main dancer was loyal to the blond hairstyle with loose curls and bangs. Coincidentally, NingNing’s avatar also had the same hairstyle, except for the purple ombre.

 Some people think ae-NingNing’s expression is the same as her, but some felt like they were seeing Lisa.  Therefore, netizens are more suspicious that SM might have referred to a BLACKPINK member to design the virtual version of their idol.

 The similarity between ae-NingNing and Lisa makes some netizens feel that this is Lisa’s avatar, not the main vocal of aespa.  Someone even came up with the theory that Lee Soo Man is… a fan of Lisa.  Because SM wants her too much, so he picked a member looking like the youngest member of BLACKPINK and created an avatar of her.

 Knet commented:

 – SM seems to have referent hat outfit … But there is no reason for the agency to create an avatar inspired by Lisa.

 – I don’t know, but her face looks like NingNing.

 – Looks like Lisa’s avatar, not NingNing.

 – Every BLACKPINK member has a good fashion sense, I think Lisa’s fans must feel bad.

 – I don’t know… Her face looks more like NingNing than Lisa.

 – Well, SM created an avatar of Lisa, not NingNing.

 – I think the avatar is very similar to Lisa, from her hair to her expression, her makeup to her outfit.

 – Is Lee Soo Man a fan of Lisa?

 – I guess SM wants Lisa so much, so they chose a girl and made her avatar look Lisa.

 – Lisa looks even prettier than the avatar.

 However, some commented that most avatars are designed in the same way, not to mention watching the teaser video, the avatar actually looks more like NingNing than Lisa.  Ae-NingNing’s hairstyle is also said to be inspired by her own look when she was a trainee, not her current look. Similar to Giselle’s avatar – aespa main rapper’s avatar also does not match her appearance.

 Although netizens argued fiercely, SM remained silent at the unexpected coincidence between NingNing’s avatar and Lisa. This incident shows that Aespa is indeed a hot rookie when they have not debuted yet but are already involved in different controversies.

Sources: knetizen

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