Announcing to make a comeback, Park Bom is mocked by K-net due to her unfamiliar look

Making some posts to promote for the upcoming comeback after years of hiatus, Park Bom makes the netizen worry because of her deformed face.

On June 11th, Park Bom – a former member of the legendary girlgroup 2NE1 – heated the Kpop community when she uploaded a selfie on SNS after being silent for a half year. In the post, she emphasized that she would come back real soon to the entertainment industry. According to a trustworthy source, the preparation for Park Bom’s solo album is almost done. And in order to repay all her fans’ waiting and expectation, this solo album will be released soon.

Recently, Park Bom continued to excite her fans by uploading a video on her Instagram with the caption sharing that she is starting her diet plan to prepare for the upcoming comeback. The noteworthy thing in this post is Park Bom’s unfamiliar look. Her completely different facial features put netizens in an extreme shock. Tons of comments have been written to express the disappointment over Park Bom’s look: “I thought Michael Jackson came back to life”, “Isn’t that a wax figure. There are also many comments mentioning her drug controversy and these opinion gets a lot of vote-ups. It looks like netizens don’t defend the former member of 2NE1 as they did before, when she revealed her sufferings on TV.

With the current boycott from the public, can Park Bom manage to win against the hardship and re-establish her glorious days? This seems a little bit difficult, but it’s still possible. Anyway, Park Bom fighting!

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