Announcing the cause for the falling of a 600-kilogram TV Screen that led to a MIRROR crew dancer to be paralyzed 

Officials announced a preliminary conclusion about the cause of the falling LED screen incident. 

The tragic incident during the performance of the male idol group MIRROR on July 28th shocked the Asian entertainment industry. After 10 days, dancer and victim Lee Kai-yin is still in a critical condition, staying in a coma after 3 major surgeries. Until this point, the officials have reached the first conclusion about this tragic incident. 

On August 6th, the inter-ministerial task force led by the Leisure and Cultural Service Department organized a press conference. Lee Tsz-chun, representative of the investigation board announced: “a metal cable was broken, becoming the primary cause for the screen to fall down. We eliminated the possibility of foul play to affect the performance, causing serious damages”. 

“Our next plan will be dismantling the stage and seats, followed by a designated architect and expert to examine the hanging system and learn about the structure of the device. I hope the investigation will soon come to an end”, added Lee Tsz-chun.

Previously, on July 28th, at MIRROR idol group’s performance, an LED screen weighing 600 kilograms fell onto the stage and injured two dancers. Cheung Tsz-fung was one of injured dancers who suffered from minor injury and was released from the hospital on the 29th for continued care at home. However, the other victim was Lee Kai-yin, who was hit by the screen right on the head, suffered from brain injury and a fractured cervical vertebrae.


The accident caused Mo Lee Kai-yin to hardly walk normally again due to his fractured cervical vertebrae and broken spinal cord. Despite having undergone 3 major surgeries, his nerve could not be fully recovered. This is a tragedy for a passionate dancer who loves his job and has a bright career. 

Furthermore, the incident also halts the activities in the entertainment industry. Many other MIRROR concerts and other artists’ scheduled concerts have to postpone and close the stage to support the investigation. MIRROR’s Anson Lo has canceled his participation in a future Korean series. 

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