Angela Baby found wearing fake dress, fans demand change of stylists

Fans got angry seeing Chinese actress Angela Baby wearing a fake dress at a recent event.

According to various media outlets, such as 8world, CHINAPRESS, etc., on August 28th, Angela recently attended a live broadcast. She wore a purple and black dress, exuding a feminine charm by revealing her thin neck and perfect collarbone lines.

While Angela Baby was arousing keen interest with her distinctive facial features in press photos, netizens found out that the dress she wore was “fake”.


Some pointed out that they had never seen Angela Baby’s dress before and it was also not the latest design. Other female stars, such as former f(x) member & actress Victoria Song (Song Qian) and Wu Jinyan, previously wore dresses of the same design but in a different color. Moreover, the dresses worn by Victoria Song and Wu Jinyan are not from the same brand as the one worn by Angela Baby.

In this regard, fans expressed frustration, claiming that stylists had given Angela Baby a “fake” dress. They commented, “What is her cordi doing?”, “Why did they give her the dress without checking the information properly?”, “Her stylists are terrible. Fire them”, etc. Fans requested Angela Baby’s studio change the actress’s stylist.


Acknowledging their mistake, Angela Baby’s studio replied, “We have replaced all the main stylists. You will be able to see the changes from now on. There’s no need to worry”.

Meanwhile, Angela Baby married Chinese actor & singer Huang Xiaoming in 2015 after publicizing their relationship in 2010. The two gave birth to a son but announced their divorce in 2022.

Source: Nate

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