Han Ga In, “Daughter resembles Yeon Jung Hoon and son resembles me… Both are gifted children because they read many books”

Han Ga In Daughter resembles Yeon Jung Hoon

Han Ga In recently spent time communicating with fans through a live broadcast.

As Han Ga In’s first daughter is known to be among the top 1% gifted children, fans poured out questions about how to raise children. The actress replied, “I let her read lots of books”.

Han Ga In then surprised everyone when she said, “Many articles have called my first daughter a ‘gifted child’. Not long ago, I also did a test for my second son, and the result came out saying he’s also gifted.”

The actress continued, “I actually did not pay as much attention to my second child as my first one. I was quite busy, but I think the most important thing is that he reads many books”, adding “Thinking about why my children are growing well, I think it’s because I teach them to read lots of books. My children enjoy reading books when they play, and they read books even on tiring and stressful days. It seems like reading books has become a hobby for my children’s leisure time.”

han ga in son

When asked who her children look like, Han Ga In responded, “My first child is a daughter so she looks like her mother more”, adding “My second kid is a son, and he resembles me”.

Han Ga In said, “They’re so cute that I just want to boast about them whenever I have a chance. There are so many cute moments that I want to upload after taking videos of them, but I’m afraid I might cause harm to the children in the future, so I try to refrain from posting photos and videos.”

Han Ga In married actor Yeon Jung Hoon in 2005. The couple has one daughter and one son. 

Source: Nate

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