Amidst Seungri’s scandal, 2 female idols revealed their life in hell: ate rice mixed with bugs and was sexually harrased

Behind the stage light, many idols have to live a unfair life, being badly treated without being able to say anything.

The story, which was shared by 2 female idols of an South Korean entertainment agency on television, give everyone the chills. 

Recently, the story of 2 ex-members of a K-pop girlgroup asking for consultation from the lawyer was aired on the show Coin Law Room of KBS Joy. The 2 girls’ story shocked everyone who was watching the show. Behind the stage light, they were badly treated, their catse taken, even being sexually harrased but couldn’t say anything.

The 2 idols continued with: “They give us rice with it was mixed with bugs. If we want to eat it, we have to pick out evey bug. Even though our parents paid them, they still cut our electricity and water bill. We even have to went to the hair salon to wash our hair.”

Through out 3 years of performing, the agency didn’t pay their food and transportation bill. They also didn’t have any private working room. They had to have meetings at the café or fast food restaurant.

2 ex-members of a K-Pop idol group shared their life in hell during their 3 years working as idols.

Apart from the bug-filled rice, no electricity and water, these female idols could’t go to the hospital even if they are injured. “There was one time when we attended an even in Busan, we got into an accident so our car was broken. Our necks was affected 3 times in the car, even if we told them that it hurt, they would still accelerated to get to the event on time. After the event in Seoul the day after that, they still wouldn’t let us go to the hospital”, “That’s why I have to went to the emergency room alone”, one of the girls shared.

Moon Se Yoon and lawyer Shin Joong Kwon expressed their anger when they heard the story of the two girls in the program. Lawyer Shin Joong Kwon also emphasized that “It is abuse and mistreatment“. Despite such unfair treatment, there are still many young idols currently working under the management of that company.

Behind the stage, many idols were treated unfairly.

Not only being mistreated, these female idols are also harassed when performing clubs that were full of smoke. Despite such nasty behaviors, the company’s CEO did not speak out to protect the artist. “The company’s CEO just said that those men do it because we’re cute like their daughters.” Song Eun Yi, one member of the show was so angry that she had to say “It’s ridiculous“.

And under the condition of being treated unfairly and taken advantage of like that, it is inevitable that these idols didn’t receive their full payment. “In 3 years, we performed in about 500 events. When we asked other girl groups, they said the payment would be about 5 million won per time. After we left the company, the CEO changed a new car.”

The stories of the horrible times during their three years of being idols of the two girls not only enraged the members of the Coin Law Room program but also made many people realize the dark side of the entertainment industry. Not all Kpop idols are lucky enough to work under a good management company. Many young idols have to go through a humiliating life to be able to perform on stage.

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