Amid the concussion, fans suddenly looked back at the suspicious incident of Chanyeol (EXO) from last year

In the past, netizens used to trust Chanyeol and SM Entertainment’s explanation. But at present, people have only realized the suspicious points.

On October 29, Korean media was shocked by the news that Chanyeol (EXO) was accused by his ex-girlfriend to cheat on her with ten women. After that, SM Entertainment reportedly declining from commenting on Chanyeol’s controversy

Up to now, nothing has been confirmed whether the male idol EXO’s scandal is real or just fake. However, netizens connected this scandal with the incident that happened more than a year ago and realized that Chanyeol actually had a girlfriend.

Back in the past, in June last year, Korean media reported on the incident of two crazy fans breaking into Chanyeol’s home. Specifically, in April 2019, Chanyeol reported to police that two crazy Chinese fans broke into his apartment in Gangnam, Seoul at midnight. At that time, the male idol was overseas, and there was only a girl named Kim in his house. Those two crazy fans rang the doorbell several times and tried to open the door to enter the house. Out of fear, this girl took the video and sent it to Chanyeol. Immediately after returning home, the male idol reported this incident to the police. Korean police interrogated and accused two crazy fans of violating the Immigration Control Law and illegally breaking into others’ residences.

However, people paid attention to the identity of the girl named Kim. Many netizens believed that through this incident, Chanyeol had revealed his secret lover. It was known that Ms. Kim is not a celebrity. Many fans thought that this girl is a relative of the idol, but in reality, Chanyeol’s surname is Park, not Kim. 

After that, SM explained that Chanyeol’s apartment was an office apartment where the male singer worked and lived. Ms. Kim was in the male idol’s house only to compose music. 

At that time, the agency’s explanation made many Chanyeol fans reassured, believing that the girl named Kim was not the girlfriend of the male idol. However, many people still doubt the explanation. 

At present, when Chanyeol’s love scandal broke out, people could not help doubting the accuracy of the explanation about Ms. Kim. Especially the ex-girlfriend of the male idol revealed that the two had been in love since October 2017. Many netizens also said that the past incident revealed that the male idol had a secret girlfriend. The fact that a girl worked in Chanyeol’s house in the middle of the night is unbelievable, and they must have a very special relationship.

The agency’s explanation at that time made a series of Chanyeol fans reassured, believing that the girl named Kim was not the girlfriend of the male idol. However, there are still many doubts about.

Souces: Naver

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