Amid Son Heung Min and Kim Go Eun’s dating rumors, the real owner of the private account revealed to be another actress

Soccer player Son Heung Min (30 years old) was suddenly embroiled in a dating rumor with actress Kim Go Eun (31 years old).

Earlier, suspicions of a romantic relationship between Son Heung Min and Kim Go Eun were raised in online communities. A netizen pointed out that Kim Go Eun followed Son Heung Min’s private account, and the soccer player also press “like” on Kim Go Eun’s photo.

Son Heung-min Kim Go Eun

Later, dating rumors began to spread rapidly due to the claim that Son Heung Min and Kim Go Eun doing “Lovestagram” through their respective private accounts.

In this regard, Kim Go Eun’s agency BH Entertainment said to Wikitree on the afternoon of December 20th, “The rumor of a romantic relationship between our actress and Son Heung Min is not true at all”. The agency emphasized, “We want to briefly say that they’ve never met before and Kim Go Eun supports Son Heung Min, a member of the national soccer team, as a citizen”.

kim go eun hero

The majority of netizens do not seem to believe this dating rumor. It is because the content provided as evidence is not credible enough. However, some people still believe that the romantic relationship between the two stars might be true, referring to the fact that Kim Go Eun recently posted a photo of South Korea’s national soccer team at the 2022 Qatar World Cup. 

son heung min

However, the important person who might reverse the case suddenly appeared. That’s actress Jang Hee Ryeong (29 years old). Jang Hee Ryeong uploaded a photo on Instagram Story at around 6 p.m. on December 20th, saying “It’s my private account. Don’t try to hack it”. The Instagram account in her photo is consistent with Son Heung Min’s rumored private account. She directly denied the suspicions of Song Heung Min being the owner of the account.

Jang Hee-ryung
Jang Hee-ryung

Jung Hee Ryeong’s post immediately spread to all SNS sites and online communities. Seeing this, netizens on theqoo commented, “Seems like the person who spread rumors had nothing to do”, “It was like writing a novel”, “Oh my God…”, “What did Jang Hee Ryeong do wrong?”, etc.

Meanwhile, Kim Go Eun’s new movie “Hero” (directed by Yoon Je Kyoon) is scheduled to release on December 21st. It depicts the last year in the life of Ahn Jung Geun (Jung Sung Hwa) before his death. In this film, Kim Go Eun appears as Seol Hee, an informant for the independent military force.

Son Heung Min, who just returned to Tottenham for the England Premier League after the 2022 Qatar, is scheduled to join the match against Brentford on December 26th.

Source: Wikitree

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