Kim Go Eun’s new movie “Hero” unveils still cuts showing the cast’s passionate acting ahead of its release

The production team of the upcoming movie “Hero” introduced the characters through still cuts.

On November 30th, the production team of the movie “Hero” (directed by Yoon Je Kyoon) released behind-the-scenes photos that capture the actors’ hard-working appearance on the set.

Jung Sung Hwa perfectly transformed into Ahn Jung Geun, the Korean Empire’s independence army leader. With his fierce eyes and visual, he overwhelmed the atmosphere at the filming set.


Kim Go Eun played Seol Hee, the last court lady of Joseon and an informant for the independence army. She was still immersed in the character even when the camera had already been turned off. Kim Go Eun’s emotional acting raised fans’ expectations for her character.

Na Moon Hee took on the role of Cho Maria, Ahn Jung Geun’s mother. Her still cut alone has already heralded a heartbreaking scene. The actress is expected to give a lingering impression on viewers by telling a touching mother-and-son story.

Jo Jae Yoon plays the role of Woo Deok Soon, an old comrade of Ahn Jung Geun. Meanwhile, Bae Jeong Nam transforms into Jo Do Seon, the best marksman of the independence army, and Lee Hyun Woo plays the role of Yoo Dong Ha, the youngest member of the independence army.


The actors exchanged opinions with director Yoon Je Kyoon during filming, and showcased detailed emotional acting.

The movie “Hero” is adapted from a musical of the same name. It depicts the last year of Ahn Jung Geun after he carried out an assassination, up until he faced death.

It is also the first work directed by Yoon Je Kyoon after 8 years. He was the first director in Korea to have 2 films surpassing 10 million in box office, with “Tidal Wave” and “Ode to My Father”.

On the other hand, “Hero” will be released on the 21st of December.

Source: Dispatch

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