Amid Ravi’s military service evasion controversy, netizens re-examine the past when he wore a hat to commemorate the ROKS Cheonan sinking 

As VIXX Ravi is controversial due to the allegations of violating the Military Service Act, netizens brought back his action in past.

Ravi used to be a regular member of KBS 2TV’s “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4”.

In an episode aired on July 2020, Ravi drew attention as he appeared wearing a commemorative hat for the 10th anniversary of the Cheonan sinking. At that time, the production team caused controversy as they mistook the logo for a brand logo and blurred it.


In May of the same year, Ravi appeared wearing a white hat made for the 10th anniversary of the ROKS Cheonan sinking. The hat was produced by Jeon Joon Young, Chairman of the Cheonan Survivor Reserve, to honor the souls of soldiers who died in the Cheonan sinking and comfort the bereaved families on the 10th anniversary. 


Along with a picture of the Cheonan ship, the hat also has “ROK NAVY”, which means “South Korean Navy, and the ship number “PCC-772”.

At that time, Internet users praised Ravi’s patriotic move and gave him the nickname “Idol who commemorates Cheonan Sinking”.


However, when Ravi was reported to be investigated on charges of violating the Military Service Law on January 12th, netizens expressed a strong sense of betrayal and anger towards him.

Meanwhile, Ravi applied for a health re-examination, saying that he suffered from epilepsy, and was able to lower his physical health grade to Class 4. After dropping out from “2 Days & 1 Night 4” in May last year, he enlisted as a social service worker in October of the same year.


Ravi’s military service evasion was recently revealed when a group of brokers was arrested. In their statement, the brokers said they helped a famous idol rapper get a Class 4 physical certification. 

In this regard, Ravi’s agency said on January 12th, “We are collecting and verifying relevant information. Since the information is related to the military service issue, it is reasonable that we thoroughly understand the situation first before explaining them in detail.”

Source: wikitree

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