VIXX Ravi spoke up about rumors of getting military service exemption through brokers

Ravi, a member of the group VIXX, was previously suspected of using a third-party service to evade military service. 

On January 12th, VIXX Ravi’s agency, GROOVL1N, said in a press release that they are currently collecting and verifying details regarding the situation. 

In particular, the agency said that since the matter is related to the duty of national defense, it is important for them to closely investigate and understand related information and explain things in detail. 


Finally, they added that exact details will be revealed in the near future, and that they will faithfully conduct an investigation at any time regarding the situation. 

Previously, a gang of brokers was arrested on charges of helping celebrities and legal people in

evading military service. In particular, they introduce clients to a neurologist at a university hospital in Seoul, who will give them according diagnosis of epilepsy. It is reported that famous rapper A was a client of these brokers. 

Rumors have it that famous rapper A was none other than Ravi. In May 2022, Ravi departed from the KBS2 program “2 Days & 1 Night” and in October, he enlisted as a public service worker in October, causing controversy. 

Below is the full text of GROOVL1N’s position.


This is GROOVL1N.

We would like to inform you of our official position on the articles earlier today.

First of all, we have been thoroughly collecting and verifying relevant information after receiving reports.

It is true that we should make a quick statement on the issue. However, since the information is related to the military service issue, it is reasonable that we thoroughly understand the situation first before explaining them in detail. Therefore, we are currently working on that. In addition, if there is any request related to this matter, we will faithfully comply with the investigation. 

We will let you know the exact details in another notice later on.

Source: wikitree

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