The psychopath killer in “The Glory” turned out to actually exist in real life

Fans are shocked to find out that the psychopathic behavior of the killer in “The Glory” actually existed.

It has been confirmed that the “psychopath killer” Kang Young Cheon (actor Lee Moo Saeng), who gave everyone goosebumps on Netflix’s original “The Glory,” actually existed.

In “The Glory,” Kang Young Cheon was imprisoned in Cheongsong Prison for killing the father of Joo Yeo Jung (actor Lee Do Hyun).

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He continued to send letters to Joo from the prison to pretend to apologize, but only specifically described his moment of murdering the victim. For this reason, Joo Yeo Jung suffers from mental trauma despite receiving periodic psychiatric counseling and treatment.

However, when confronted by hospital director Park Sang Im, Kang Young Cheon showed no sign of remorse as he laughed “I sent the letter out of boredom,” shocking viewers.

The scene is drawing attention as it is known to be similar to a case in Gyeongbuk in 2020.

In July 2020, at a nursing home in Gyeongsangbuk-do, the son of a resident stabbed B, the head of the nursing home, to death.


At that time, A ruthlessly killed Director B with a gas gun and a weapon he had prepared in advance before turning himself in on the same day.

Later, in a trial held at the Daegu District Court’s Criminal Department 12 (Judge Lee Jin Kwan) in 2021, the prosecution sought life imprisonment for A. At the time, A reportedly submitted a letter of apology to the court twice and demanded leniency.

However, B’s bereaved family was shocked to receive a letter from A, who was imprisoned in a detention center.

This is because the letter sent by A contained threats such as “First, submit a petition to the presiding judge that you forgive me,” “I will find you through the detective center,” and “I know your resident registration number.” The letter was delivered three times in total.

In addition, the day A wrote the letter saying, “I will definitely visit you” is even more shocking because it has only been six days since he submitted the letter of apology.

Although “The Glory” is not specifically based on this case, it is shocking that the actions of the killer in the drama actually exists.

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