American actress Ayo Edebiri said she’s a NewJeans fan, favorite song is “Ditto”

Ayo Edebiri, an American comedian and actress, mentioned her love for girl group NewJeans in a recent interview. 

On January 10th (local time), in an interview with Billboard during the red carpet of the 80th Golden Globe Awards, Ayo Edebiri was asked, “What’s a song that you’d say it’s defining your life at the moment”, to which she answered that she finds a new song every week and listens to it. 

Ayo Edebiri

Then, the actress was inquired about a song she discovered recently, to which she replied that she has been listening to a lot of Kpop again these days. 

“There are these girls, NewJeans. I rock with them. They got the song ‘Ditto’, it’s so good,” the actress said, showing excitement and revealing herself as a Bunny (NewJeans’ fandom name). 

newjeans ditto thumbnail

“Ditto”, which was pre-released on December 19th, boasted extraordinary popularity, ranking 8th on Billboard’s Global 200 chart on the 14th of January. In addition, 4 days after its release, it ranked 17th on Billboard’s “Bubbling Under Hot 100” chart, proving strong potential for entering the Top 100 chart

Meanwhile, Ayo Edebiri, born in 1995, is appearing in the Hulu original series “The Bear”.

Source: Billboard, Daum

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