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Oh My Girl’s Mimi reveals she never secretly dated due to strict management: “I can’t even make eye contact”

Oh My Girl member Mimi showed off her outspoken wit in “Dolsing Fourmen” and revealed her company’s strict rules against dating.

Announcer Hwang Soo Kyung, Jo Woo Jong, and Oh My Girl member Mimi appeared as guests on SBS’s “Dolsing Fourmen”, which aired on January 10th.

Oh My Girl Mimi

Regarding her lack of individual activities for eight years since her debut, Mimi said, “It’s because I’m a heretic in the company,” making everyone laugh.

Also in this episode, Mimi told the behind-the-scenes story that only idols can tell.

Oh My Girl Mimi

When asked if she had ever been in a secret relationship, Mimi said, “Never. The management of the company was so strict that the manager tapped me when I was standing with male idols when they moved out. Then I turned around looking at the wall.”

In response, the cast members of “Dolsing Fourmen” were taken aback and asked, “What kind of Joseon Dynasty is that?” Mimi then replied wittily, “When our eyes meet, it becomes a kiss…”

Mimi also shared a story about when all artists go on stage together when the 1st place winner is announced on music shows. She revealed, “At that time, our eyes meet a lot.”

Oh My Girl Mimi

When asked if she was ever approached or flirted with by someone, Mimi said, “I’ve heard of it, but I didn’t go on dates because I’m the type to not start at all rather than being ambiguous. I don’t like meeting people.”

Mimi also shared an anecdote that she felt embarrassed by the innocent concept of Oh My Girl.

Mimi said honestly, “I have an easy-going personality, but ‘Oh My Girl’ has an innocent concept. At first, I didn’t even like the name ‘Mimi’.” 

Oh My Girl Mimi

The female idol also added that she had to accept since she was a rookie at the time, and initially, she thought her stage name was a lie. “It was even weirder because my position was rapping, yet my stage name was Mimi”, she said, laughing. 

On this day’s broadcast, Mimi also showed off her unconventional boxing skills and took the cast members by surprise. 

Source: Daum

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