All the Times BLACKPINK Jisoo is a Successful Fangirl 

BLACKPINK Jisoo, the top star herself with millions of followers, is also a big fan of other artists

Let’s take a closer look at BLACKPINK Jisoo’s memorable encounters with some top stars. 

One of Jisoo’s idols is actress Natalie Portman. Their first meeting was on September 28, 2022, during the Dior SS23 show at Paris Fashion Week. Natalie Portman, sharing the moment on Instagram, tagged Jisoo in her post. 

Jisoo, overwhelmed with joy, re-shared the post and thanked Natalie Portman for her kindness. She described the encounter as a memory that would forever remain in her heart.

On February 28, 2023, when Jisoo attended the Dior AW23 show, she met Hollywood superstar Charlize Theron. The two shared a heartwarming photo together, and Jisoo expressed her honor and gratitude for meeting Charlize, who responded with a sweet offer to be her bodyguard. 

During the Born Pink encore concert at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, Charlize and Jisoo reunited. Jisoo shared an endearing backstage photo of being hugged by Charlize Theron, warming fans’ hearts. 

Jisoo being a fan of actors is not limited to Hollywood. In a 2017 BLACKPINK radio show appearance, Jisoo revealed her admiration for actor Lee Je Hoon. Rosé also confirmed that Jisoo was indeed a true fan of Lee Je Hoon.

Surprisingly, Lee Je Hoon recently attended BLACKPINK’s recent Born Pink encore concert at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, where he took photos backstage with Jisoo  and director Yoon Sunghyun, who is rumored to be directing an upcoming drama starring Jisoo in the lead role. Lee Je Hoon expressed his enjoyment of the concert and also thanked Jisoo for inviting him. 

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