Album cover plagiarizes ‘rice noodles’?… Younha responds, “I keep seeing funny things over and over again”

Singer Younha gave a pleasant response to the allegation of album cover plagiarism.

Younha released two photos on her Instagram on November 8th with the caption “It’s nice to keep seeing funny things over and over again”.


Younha’s post includes the cover photo of her 6th full album “End Theory”, which was released in March, and a “rice noodles” photo made by a netizen who raised suspicion of plagiarism.

In the album cover picture, Younha lies in a bathtub full holding a bouquet of light green hydrangea in her hand. Some netizens argued that the details strangely looked like the broth, noodles, coriander, and sliced onions in a rice noodles bowl.


In particular, someone even edited Younha’s face to the picture of a rice noodles bowl.

Seeing the photoshopped photo on the Internet, Younha directly shared it on her Instagram, saying it looked funny. The picture drew laughter from singers Harim, Alex, and former U-KISS member Alexander,

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Meanwhile, Younha sang the title track of her 6th full album “End Theory” at a university festival then the song gained huge attention and began to climb backward on music charts in September. After going up on charts, “Event Horizon” finally topped the Melon Chart ‘TOP 100’ 222 days after its release.

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