Girl’s Day Sojin mistook BTS “Fake Love” for “Fan Club”, making BTS’ fans angry

Girl’s Day Sojin made the members feel embarrassed. She didn’t know the song “Fake Love” by the global boy group BTS.

Sojin and Yura appeared as guests in the tvN’s entertainment program “Amazing Saturday,” which was broadcast on the afternoon of October 13th.

On the same day, BTS ” Fake Love” was published due to some problems.

However, Sojin hesitated at the question asking if she had heard that song in the van, and Yura sighed and disclosed that she even did not know TWICE’s Shasha.

After that, “Fake Love” was published and she had to write “Fake Love” on the blackboard. However, she wrote “Fan Club” on the board instead, making everyone laugh. In the end, Sojin was embarrassed only after learning about fan club.

Shin Dong-yup said: “Let’s help Girl’s Day. I feel like I’m younger than my juniors.”

[+1085,-11] Nobody got angry here, fix the title please haha
[+460,-5] We don’t get angry. Don’t make up that story.
[+384,-4] That is so cute. Why don’t we have to get angry with that?
[+215,-5] Aiguu, journalism is trash
[+108,-1] Fan Club hahahahahahaha

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