Airport staff leaked Kpop idols’ information, the “sasaeng taxi” network… Sharings from a sasaeng fan shocked the public

The public is extremely angry and worried about Kpop idols who are often stalked by sasaeng fans

It is well known that sasaeng fan is a term used to describe “crazy fans,” who frequently spend time stalking and trying whatever to get the most private information about idols. A former sasaeng fan recently disclosed how to get idols’ information at airports.

sasaeng fan bts

“I’ve heard that airport staff would sell information. Sasaeng fans who know their idols’ ID numbers will then be able to search up their seat numbers on flights. They can then go on the same plane as their idols. They have a lot of money and time, therefore they like to spend their time sitting near Kpop idols and shooting them sleeping…”

Another sasaeng fan mentioned “sasaeng taxi,” which allows them to stalk idols anywhere. According to this person, taxis have a mechanism for sharing information with one another. When a taxi loses track of an idol’s vehicle, it will contact another taxi to continue following the idol’s movements.

sasaeng fan

This person described why sasaeng fans are interested in stalking: “We refer to it as ‘exclusive.’ It’s when you see something about an idol with your own eyes and you’re the only one who knows about it.”

“When I was a sasaeng, I once saw an idol break up with his girlfriend. People recognized me as the first to find out and I became famous. Since then, I started stalking that idol because I like the feeling of knowing something that other people don’t.” – he/she added

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